Qdoba – Genuine Mexican Nutrition

Qdoba is a type of chain restaurant that attracts customers by offering traditional Mexican meals made of fresh ingredients and newly-developed delicious sauces and salsas. Thus, clients can savour traditional Mexican nutrition and innovative toppings.

The first Qdoba location was opened back in 1995 in Denver. The company continuous expands and today it has more than 250 restaurants in the United States. The signature meal offered by Qdoba is the burrito but the menu include a wide assortment of dishes, such as fajita ranchero, poblano pesto and grilled pork. You can also enjoy appetizing taco salads, soups, tacos, nachos, grilled quesadillas and many more. All meals are prepared and cooked in front of the clients to allow them take part in their preparation and select the ingredients and toppings.

Qdoba also offers Hot Taco Bars and can feed between 20 and 2000 clients attending private events, weddings, birthday parties, showers, tailgaters, etc. Your guests will unquestionably be impressed by the variety of marinated meats and warm tortillas. You just have to call in advance and clear the deals, and Qdoba will arrange everything. The restaurant also provides box lunches that are specially created for smaller parties with fewer guests.

You will undoubtedly make a good decision if you select Qdoba. Here you can enjoy luscious meals with fresh products chosen by you, a fancy surroundings and great service. Whether you just want to have a delicious and healthy dinner or you want to organize a party, Qdoba is the best place for everyone who loves Mexican food.

22 Oct
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